Why I Love Essays

Essay writing has been deemed as the most horrific piece in the world thanks to school systems. No one likes writing them even though they are the easiest things to do – I’ve written a couple purely because I enjoy them. Let me enlighten you on why:

1. You get to argue

Personally I love debates and arguing, especially when I have proof that I’m right just because it means no one can dispute me – unless, of course, they have a counter argument. Even if they did, in your essay you get to recounter them without even hearing other people argue against you. Essays are all about you and what you want to argue. It’s actually why I enjoyed Extension History as one of my Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) subjects – once you know what your argument is, especially if it’s broad and extremely philosophical, there’s nothing you cannot argue.

2. There’s a formula

Essays are defined to be structured arguments, and so a structure must have some sort of formula, correct? Paragraphs are one of the easiest things to write, purely because its your argument with a bunch of evidence to support your claim. If anything, the hardest part of essays is perfecting the introduction and conclusion, because although one in introducing your argument and the other is summarising, they both hold a brief explanation of your point, circulating the entire essay from Point A to Point B, C and D, back to Point A. Once you know the formula, every essay essentially ends up being the same thing, just with different words here and there.

3. It’s easy to flubber

The best thing about essays is the freedom of words. Not only do you get to argue, but you control how formal or informal you are. You can be yourself and go crazy, especially if you are solid on your argument and get passionate about it. Even if you aren’t passionate, you can show why you aren’t and get behind yourself. Essays not only help your arguments get better, but they give you an understanding of who you are, what you want, and how you feel about a particular topic. I have had essays where I couldn’t care less about a topic, and it felt useless to do it because I had no interest in the subjects, but it made me learn how I would argue something I disliked comparative to something I love. Essays, no matter how you feel about them, are character building.

Don’t get me wrong, I was associated essays with ‘yuck’ when I was younger because for school it was a chore, but when you get older it’s a freedom that is actually fun to exploit.

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