Storm / Peace / You / Puddle


I don’t know how you managed
to shake me this much
and make me feel so still

When you wrapped your fingers around mine
it felt like a torrential downpour
reverberating over my calm waters

And nothing bubbles and boils
deep in my haven
You just add to me

And just like a storm
you’re set to blow away.
I guess that makes me a storm chaser


Too much to drink
I just want my retainers
and you’re crashed in my bed
already asleep

I put my head next to yours
and wonder how you’ve fallen asleep
because strangers beds hold no peace for me


Blonde hair
the opposite of your black
Fair skin
so unlike your tan
Makes me wonder if I changed
before or after you
but it doesn’t feel like replacement
or erasure.
Just an addition to the pantheon of You’s
Another I might just use
trying to replace what You bought.


No wonder I’m attracted to you.
You’re as deep as a puddle
And just as missable


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