Review: Pulp Fiction

So one of my friends heavily recommended this to me that he actually decided to rewatch it with me. Alas, he built up my expectations, and thus I apologise because I will probably offend some people with my opinion.

It was a slow start. I’ll be honest I didn’t really get into the movie for the first hour. It was very slow, there was no hyped up music and it was just like watching someone’s life on a security camera – which gets tedious after the first fifteen minutes. I only really got excited when we saw a little bit of action, which was the possible death of a character. On top of that, the action died nearly straight after. It’s just a roller coaster of emotion that, honestly, could not hold my attention.

Narrative wise, the film was fantastic. I loved the characters, loved the insight and their development and the ending. If anything it wasn’t an anthology of mini stories, but the story of one character who is consistently wishing each story, if not for a couple of seconds – his death literally took a couple of seconds of screen time but it is insightful that death is just around the corner for a lot of people, especially in mafia-like jobs.

However, what was wrong with the narrative was how it was portrayed. I don’t think it should’ve been broke up the way it was, because that made it slow. If anything it shouldn’t have started with our ‘main’ character’s death, and then gone chronological after the title sequence. I don’t deny that seeing his death and then the lead up to it was wrong, no, it was very impactful, but I do believe it would’ve been better had it just been one solid chronology. I get that Pulp Fiction is all about the magazines and brutal violence, but movies don’t work as magazines. There is a massive difference between reading and viewing, and as a viewer this just didn’t keep me captivated enough.

Also, the characters themselves were weighted differently. All we hear about is this big bad mafia boss who we see for one sequence, and even then he’s at his lowest point. We meet his wife who’s a druggie and she’s not even that interesting of a character, more a useless flirt who does anything for entertainment. We start the film with robbers who are just honestly crazy, kinda like an old realistic version of the Joker and Harley Quinn. Perhaps that was the purpose of this film, to just show life as it was, but it’s not a masterpiece, simply because vlogging is life as it is and yet those are clearly not masterpieces. It was not a hugely entertaining film, simply because it was slow and made your attention interested in something that would never be explained or shown to reach its true potential.

As a rating? Maybe a six or seven out of ten. Would I recommend this to other people to watch? Eh, maybe if they’ve got nothing better to do and want to see young Samuel L. Jackson, John Travolta, and Bruce Willis in play. All the other characters weren’t around long enough to make it worth while.

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