“Fake News”

I have been warned about doing a blog about this, but what’s life without a little risk, right?

The term “fake news” has become a hit ever since it was discovered that there were actual fake news sites set on being spread through social media, creating social shifts and controversy on what’s real and what’s not. The term became increasingly popular when Donald Trump decided to call out news people as “fake news” when they tried to ask him questions.

However, “fake news” has been used to deteriorate the reputation of journalists and news sites who are actually quite reliable. It’s a manipulative term, however what I’d like to pose is the idea that the fight between media and reliability against “fake news” is entirely a game of manipulation.

You will see in media that people are continuously trying to tell others to “stay woke” with what the media is and isn’t portraying. It is true that all media is subjective in nature, because it is the journalist or news station who chooses what to portray and how to portray it. Even if objectivity was attempted, the sources are still chosen by one person who determines what the story will be about.

This is not to say that all news is “fake”, however, just subjective. The role of news is to depict an event that has happened, that is its soul purpose – inform and educate. What news is actually reported on is another story all together. That is what brings in the politics and adds to the idea of “fake news” – that the media is untrustworthy because it’s not showing us major crimes comparative to minor crimes and social disputes.

Here’s an idea people: censorship.

Could media stations be censored because of the other programs that are on the TV? Perhaps because by the time they are on the whole family will be home and children should not be exposed to such graphic crimes? The ability for adults to go and find world news on the more major matters clearly tells us that this is not something to be hidden, just censored. Major news outlets such as TV channels or even some radio stations have a broad range of audiences, and there is only so much they can inform on before they lose listeners. The reality is that once you lose the attention of these listeners with constant news that is true and impacting, they will stop listening, and what’s the point of continuing if you have no more listeners?

Censorship is there because people cannot handle a lot of the major matters – for example, I hate hearing about war. As much as I’d like to be able to do something to end all wars and the consequences that come from it, I can’t. It doesn’t impact me or my family at the moment, although I know it does for some of my friends. Does this mean I don’t care? No. Does this mean I will stop listening at a certain point because I cannot do anything about it? Yes. All the protests and campaigns against a certain event will do nothing unless the people fighting it are directly involved because there is no impact to them otherwise. We aren’t superheroes, we are people.

So I’m going to also pose this to you: be selfish. Teach your kids to be wary and worry about yourselves. Educate yourself, rise up to a position to make change for the better – that’s how companies, politicians and media advocates do it. People listen if you actually know your stuff, and if people like you. As much as people try and be unselfish, it’s much more easier to be selfish, and if everyone was selfish, educated, and had their morals in the right place, they would essentially end up helping everyone else. Perhaps then we can move against a world of manipulation and more into a world of truth.

Simply said: Fake news does exist, in the sense that there is just untrue news. There is also “fake news” which is a propaganda term to manipulate society against anything informative.

Too long didn’t read? Manipulation is everywhere and there’s nothing we can do to save the world unless you’re popular.

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