Review: Brooklyn 99

Wow, okay, don’t get too excited about this review – many of you will like the show but a review is still a review. Brooklyn 99 has a huge community around the world, and it genuinely is an amazing show.

For one, it’s characters are super diverse. We have our childish, but sometime mature adult, Jake Peralta. He has daddy issues – which is for some reason super stereotypical to girls in the most sexual way possible – but he does care about his friends as if they’re family, which is something I can relate to.

Next, we have his lover, and crush since Season 1, Amy Santiago. She is the ultimate nerd, and proud of it. She sticks to the rules, is more organised than anyone else, and is able to take control when there needs to be a talking to someone. She’s the ultimate, responsible ‘mum’ friend who tries to act cool, when she really doesn’t need to.

Every friend group with a mum friend has to have a ‘dad’ friend as well, and that’s exactly why we have Terry Crews as Terry! Super healthy, embracing his muscles – which my mother continues to stare at dreamily, sigh – and extremely responsible, Terry is a family man, but he goes through a lot. He overcame his weight problems, and even racism – but we shall get to that later.

And behind every Terry is a Gina Linetti just trying to sneak a cute pic of him, much like my mother as well. A lot of people say Gina is a disposable character, that she’s useless and rude and just all round annoying – fear not my Gina lovers, for I am one of you. Gina actually adds a lot to the 99; she solves the little problems people don’t notice, she builds the confidence and efforts of everyone around her, and she adds character to the precinct with her sass. Besides, if Holt didn’t think she was worthy, she wouldn’t be there.

Speaking of Holt, our loveable robot and much more serious father figure who isn’t really a father like Terry, who doesn’t love a captain like him? Strong, sophisticated, another nerd like Amy, and a guide with flaws. He does learn he isn’t amazingly unique, particularly after Gina hit him both times he thought he was in the right – first when he thought he could park his car anywhere, and second when he thought he was the only one in the precinct able to be worthy of leadership.

Another loveable member of the team is our pure, wholesome cook, Charles Boyle. He is literally the epitome of an adult child – super cute, no filtered, too trusting, and too loving. Is there much more to say?

Finally, we have our amazing but deadly lady, Rosa Diaz. No one knows anything about her, but she is used as a tool to bring in a whole lot of controversial topics in today’s society – such as coming out to your parents, how tough a woman should be, and how dating works. There’s not really much else to say except that she is a role model for women all over the world – our lord and saviour, perhaps.

Aside from its diverse characters, Brooklyn 99, yes has its funny moments, but confronts serious topics from both real life and relationships with anyone – from family to friends to enemies. Not only does it confront same sex relationships, but it confronts racism in the best way possible – even the danger of police work is looked at. The characters create a family that everyone can relate to, and maybe even understand. I know for a fact some of my friends and family don’t understand the issues addressed in many episodes, yet after watching them, their eyes are opened.

It’s a well written show, for God’s sake!

Even relationships aren’t super glorified – partners and friends come and go, people are hurt and learn to move on. For this generation of teens, it is so important that they understand every aspect of this, and learn that heartbreak isn’t the end of the world. Brooklyn 99 is blatant, but fun, stupid, and realistic.

That’s why it’s an amazing show!

So why are you still waiting for more to read? Go watch it!

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