Books VS EBooks

There has been a lot of debate over which is better – books or Ebooks, or at least that’s what I have come across during the years. In my opinion, nothing beats the sweet, new book scent that wafts up in a welcoming greeting as soon as you crack open those pages.

I love the way that books show how popular they have been, the pages themselves a story rather than just the words inked onto them. The number of ‘dog eared’ pages, the frayed edges, the yellowing and staining of the paper. It’s a story of a book that was loved. There’s just something about holding a physical book that makes the experience ten times better – or at least it does for me.

Hell, I have books from when I was a child and their pages are stained with the bright colours of childhood textas, and there is no way I would put them up for a garage sale because it just showed that the book must’ve meant something to me at the time. I used to read until four in the morning, lying on my side, getting cramps in my hand from holding the book up, switching my position every time I turned a page because it was just easier to read with the book lying down as if it was a partner laying in bed with me.


Within the introduction of technologies, there has come an age where the use of paper must be reduced, or at least reduction has to be attempted at some stage. It is therefore the reason why Ebooks were created, kindles and iPads becoming a host for such. It’s a cheaper alternative to the physical book, and it’s convenient – you can carry a whole library on an electronic brick.

The only time I have preferred Ebooks comparative to hard copies are when it comes to university and studying; although having a book would allow me to make notes, it’s easier for me to create summaries when I can copy and paste. The added bonus means I don’t have to spend money I can’t afford to lose on textbooks for a couple of pages, or even on ink to print said pages out. Studying is not something I would say I enjoy, hence I differentiate the ‘soft’ copies to how I ‘recreationally’ read with hard copies.

My mother thrives off Ebooks. She reads on the train, on the plane, when she’s waiting for an appointment; it’s just convenient for her. In fact, while writing up this blog, I discussed this whole thing with her, and an extra bonus that Ebooks provide her is the ability to zoom in. Not everyone has the greatest eyesight, and hence technology has provided us the gift of widening words for our ease. My personal contest to such is the fact that technology itself is a strain on the eyes if one is not careful – I learned that the hard way, hence the reason why I need glasses even though I refuse to use them. Personally, I can never get the brightness right when it comes to Ebooks, it’s either too dark or too light and I eventually give up in irritation, so my mother and I differ in how we prefer to read.

I have no bias against authors who choose to exclusively use one platform against the other, that’s their business. I will say, though, that it does make it harder for those who choose books against Ebooks and vice versa. So whether you decide to choose hard copies or soft copies rather than a mix of both, just be warned that you can be limited in choice.

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